Best & most stylish Digital cam around £200, Camcorder £250 & 37" LCD TV under £800

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Found 15th Jul 2007
Hi everyone,

Since i find a lot of deals, my family have asked me to find some products for them and they have provided me with there maximum willing expenditure for the item.
I thought i would get some advice from you lot, since it's not within my expertise, so any tips on specs and what to lookout for etc would be appreciated.

My Brother requires a Digital Camera that's high quality and stylish but under £200.

My Mum wants a compact Camcorder and to have all the best features and one that costs upto £250 but the cheaper the better but obviously baring in mind she wants to have a great one for years to come, so all suggestions will be welcome.

My Brother in law requires a 37" LCD TV with full Hd and all the other great features but he needs it to be under £800 from a reputable seller and if it can come with extended warranty, then it's even better.

I appreciate the help in advance.

Kind regards

Realfriendlyman :thumbsup:


Original Poster

I've managed to find the TV for a good price with a stand but i still need to know the best place to buy a Digital cam for around £200 and the best Camcorder for under £250 it could be a little more.

Where did you find the TV? Looking for similar with a stand.


For the camera the Canon Ixus range are pretty good. The Ixus 75 which is 7.1 megapixels and costs £168.99 from Amazon might be an option.


Or maybe the Sony T20 which is 8.1 megapixels for £179.99


How about the Panasonic TZ3 digital camera, 7.2 megapixel with 10x optical zoom

You can get from Costco for £211 and normally retails around £300 in the shops, picked mine up in Comet for £206 after Quidco but they have upped the price in Comet now
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