best mouse for corsair strafe rgb

    as the title says could anyone please tell me what mouse is best suitable for the corsair strafe Rgb keyboard, obviously I know a corsair mouse but I'm not sure which one I've seen a corsair 65 or something but I'm still not sure ( its for a Christmas present to go with the keyboard) thanks for any input.


    Best thing is to find out what type of mouse grip you use, see this video -…64U

    Once you have established your grip have a look at the corsair mouses available and read reviews its nice to keep your peripherals the same brand and it also keeps from having to install multiple software/drivers for each device.

    The Corsair M65 is a heavy mouse so if you play on a low dpi setting and like to lift the mouse many people would avoid this.

    Anyways i hope this helps.

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    Suitable? Are you talking aesthetically? I can't think of any other reason a keyboard would influence choice of mouse.

    Original Poster

    I meant is there any particular corsair mouse that best suits this keyboard or would any corsair mouse do..I know nothing about mice and speeds etc..but thanks for replying.


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