Best MP3 player for ~£100-£150

    Managed to get a 60GB Creative ZEN Vision M for ~£150 from Amazon a couple of years ago (RRP £300) - was wondering if there's anything as good going these days?

    Want at least photos/music/video - the best I've found is the Creative ZEN 32GB on Amazon @ £150



    if your used to the ZEN interface, would stick with that.

    Quick close all the hatches before the fanboys get here!

    Your Creative Zen 32gb is a very good choice.
    The iPod classic is also good.
    Or you could import one of the new Zunes and be a little different/kick Apple in the eye.
    Some of the new Cowon players have been getting good reviews, although they're a little expensive for my tastes.

    The advantage of going the iPod route is the massive arrangement of peripherals, and as much as I hate to say it, going the Apple route can make sense.

    The new Creative Zen X-Fi machines are quality, the best sounding creative player ever. I got the 8 gig one a few weeks back for £100.

    clearance bargains,its a company i found on ebat,all comes with 12months warranty.good deals

    sorry ebay
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