Posted 2nd Oct 2022
I’m looking at the Vitus Nucleus 27 VR for 489 @ Chainreaction. Am I likely to get anything better for the price?
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    It's so subjective what is "best" and you can go on for ever looking around and comparing. The Vitus is good value for money and seems well regarded going by the reviews. I wouldn't be disappointed if someone got me that bike.
    It was either that or a Rockrider 540 from Decathlon but I feel the Vitus might be the better of the 2.
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    Do you workplace subscribe to the bike to work scheme? If so I've found that most are very laid back and who will use the bike. You don't pay tax on them so overall your bike will come in significantly cheaper on this scheme so you could probably get one around £700 RRP on the scheme within your budget
    Unfortunately not. Is there much involved in a company signing up? There’s only 7 of us in the office, not sure they’d think it’d be worth it?