Posted 19th Jan 2023
Hi All,

About to start a home renovation project so wanted some advice on a multi-room AV Set up.

Use Case: Playing Music throughout the house on all speakers, Playing music in individual rooms, Solid home cinema set up for the main TV in the lounge and potentially bedrooms, Preferably wireless (open to wires as can hide them in the walls), Ceiling mounted speakers if they are good as they are quite seamless.

I'm in no way an expert at these things so your suggestions are very welcome!
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    Not a cheap option but this sounds like a perfect fit for a Sonos system. I have been running one for a few years and you can do everything you need.

    I have Sonos One in bedroom and kitchen, and a pair in the office to give stereo sound. (alternatively you could go for the larger Five but honestly, a pair of Ones sounds incredible and is more than enough - or the Ikea Symfonisks are cheaper and basically the same unit (less voice control) and completely compatible)

    Then in lounge I have a Beam soundbar connected to the TV with two Ones for surround (again, alternatives available being the Arc which is bigger/supports more features but for my needs the Beam is plenty; again Symfonisks could be used instead)

    Any ceiling speakers can be included by connecting to a Sonos Amp.

    You can play music in any room, all rooms, or a group of rooms - all are synced perfectly so as you move between rooms there is no noticeable difference. You can stream from Spotify straight to any speaker or group (although, you can't stream different things from the same spotify account to different rooms at the same time which I think is a spotify limitation - although maybe that is different if you had a family subscription). You can also stream your own library from a NAS drive or computer. or if you are watching TV again you can stream the audio to any or all speakers.
    This is incredibly useful. I forgot to mention in my original post - I'm looking to have Alexa as my main hub so I assume Sonos is compatible and will allow me to play music/sound in different zones etc?

    Also, can you recommend any ceiling speakers and perhaps and Amp? I want to connect Sky/PS5 etc through this and assume the sound would come through the Sonos speakers.

    Thank you again!
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    Another vote for Sonos, little costly but good. Top of league.
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    2md that Sonos is excellent
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    How would Sonos compare to having an AV Receiver with multiple inputs (Sky, PS5 etc.)? I image it could do multi room set up so in 1 room I could have Sky playing through the speakers and in another, I could have the PS5 on working through its respective speakers and all seamless?

    Thinking about discreet wiring behind walls as we're renovating...
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