Posted 29th Dec 2022 (Posted 16 h, 43 m ago)
Hi, could anyone with experience let me know the best Nespresso machine that I can get would be please?
Also, which machine (if the same as above) has compatible coffee pods, also if there’s a deal that I should be looking out for.
Many thanks
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    Don’t buy anything that takes the Vertuo pods as you’re then stuck with having to buy coffee direct from nespresso. So sometimes the machine looks cheap but you get ripped off for pods.

    so I’d recommend you buy a machine that takes the original pods which means you can than choose from tonnes of brands of pods in any supermarket 

    I hear good things about the Philips L’or branded machine 
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    Yeah I’d go with what you like the taste of, I prefer the Vertuo over the Original pods depends what your taste is when it come to pods/machine! If you go to a shop they do samples(y)
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    I have a Philips L’or machine, can’t fault it
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