Best netbook out there?

    Hello all! Looking for opinions on a decent netbook. I have around 350 to spend and want something lightweight with a decent battery life and fast - preferably with decent graphics. I will happily spend more to get something decent! Hell, I want the best netbook there is!



    At £350 if you want decent graphics I'd be looking at a laptop rather than a netbook, they won't play most newish games due to the processor not being all that capable.

    I haven't kept up with the latest netbooks but I have a Compaq 311c and ISTR that newer models could not beat by much it in tests at standard clock speeds and the 311c is overclockable by BIOS.


    Eee PC 1215N

    Looks good.

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    Thanks for the advice. I already have a pretty decent laptop but I need something smaller and can't bear to get a sluggish netbook. Are they all slow as ****?

    Sell your Lappy and go for a compromise and get an Alienware M11X speed and size combined


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    Thanks gonna check out the 1215N. The M11X is a bit too expensive for my pocketses! Thanks.

    Nobody's taking into account the Acer Ferrari One. Slightly more than 350 (£400) but has great amd vision graphics and a great dual core processor. Only downsides are the slightly garish branding and the notebook's heat. But should do exactly what you want.
    Review here:…69/
    Alternatively there's the Lonovo Ideapad S12 which is about £270 with Nvidia's ION graphics solution. Unfortunately the processor is the same Atom one used on most bog-standard netbooks these days.
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