Best non geographic (everywhere except uk) online visa cards

Posted 12th Dec 2019
Sorry if this has been asked before ( because i most certainly think it would of done )

Can anyone tell which visa cards they have used for purchasing items either whilst travelling abroad or ordering items from overseas ( ie Amazon France or Amazon Gremany )

what are the benefits of your particular card ?

Many thanks guys
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Revolut is pretty good I just top it up when I want to buy from eu amazon sites. I’m sure their virtual cards are now visas. They usually do offers for free delivery of a physical card too so worth looking out for
I use my Mum's
Benefits: where do I even start?
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halifax clarity. free cash withdrawals at best exchange rates
chocci12/12/2019 12:05

halifax clarity. free cash withdrawals at best exchange rates

MasterCard, not Visa. But still, works great for me too.
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Clarity for me as well, very convenient. If there is only one credit card to carry, this would be it.
Another vote for Revolut. We’ve been using ours for a couple of years now with no issues.
I use Starling - no issues, always a great exchange rate, app very easy to use. Only downside is you are limited to £300 spending/withdrawals per day but it’s never been an issue on holiday for me with a bit of forward planning.
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