Best non vodaphone phone with Coolnewmobile?

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Found 22nd Apr 2007
Hi all,

I need a new phone and after a fair bit of reading up I think I'm disciplined enough to take advantage of one of the Coolnewmobile cashback schemes.

I'm currently with vodaphone but their signal is rubbish where I am and I need to keep the same number which I understand you can't do with the CNM scheme with voda.

Whats the best offer on there at the moment on the other networks? I don't do much with my phone other than text, call and take photo's so having a good camera on there would be good.

Any suggestions?



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Anyone? I really haven't got a clue about phones!!

vodafone rubbish dont make me laugh no offence alot of major companies have there company fones with vodafone. Vodafone is superb.

although im on o2 because it works out cheaper for me vodafone would be an alternative.

oh yes about the phone i would go for a n73 or if you need gps satnav go for a n95 but it will be costly.

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I'm not saying vodaphone are rubbish generally, just the signal where I am is. I've been with O2 in the past and signals been great and a friend is with 3 - again good signal. With vodaphone I'm lucky if I get one bar.

Cheers for the suggestions. Can't find them on any non vodaphone deals with CNM though.
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