Best O2 'pay as you go' phone, sub-£100..?

Found 27th Jan 2006
Looking for a decent phone under a £100. Being on the O2 network would help considerably, but its not essential. ANY help would be apprieciated. I know peoples opinons as to the "best" phone would be subjective, but the more the merrier.
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First of all, try lookingat the o2 student site. There's lots of good prices in there. Choose a few phones which you think you like, let us know about the prices and phone model and we'll try and beat the price you saw if we can.

The o2 student site is already about £20 off each phone before you start looking elsewhere!!
The student site doesn't currently give £20 off any phones at all! IF it did, i'd be seriously tempted by the refurbished V3. In terms of what i'm looking for, the phone has to have Bluetooth, for sure. I'm upgrading from a Nokia 7610, which has long had its day. It'll be nice to have a phone with a fully functional backlight and battery life longer than the time you charge it for.
I thought the student site was cheaper than the normal o2 site.
It is, just not at the moment! :s
hi, I am interested but its a little bit too far for me to travel.... can we discuss ecure payment and delivery terms offline? cheers mike
Moto G is good
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