Best o2 retention deal?

Heard of a few deals with discounted line rental, free phones, credit to account etc.

If youve had a good retention deal with o2 please let me know what you got so i know how far to barter.:thumbsup:



recently upgraded with o2 and didnt get the best deal but.....

£35 a month with £150 cashback over 18 month contract (making it about £26 a month)

600 anytime minutes and 500 texts (plus long weekend - unlimited free calls on Saturday, Sunday and Monday)

Plus a free Blackberry 6300!

I recently got £25 a month, 400mins and 100 txt 12 mnth contract and a K850i, might be worth a look on MSE they have a thread called o2 retention 750 or something which has alot

Managed to get £9 a month contract with 50 mins and 50 texts (not a major user as it is only for emergencies really) then £100 credit to the bill. Works out at £8 for the year. That was without taking a phone upgrade though.

ops maybe i should have bargained further ..

i just asked to continue my previosu 12 month contract...

i guess i should have asked for moer texts or minutes or somethign but i don't think i really even use the ones i have !

i wanted a new phone i chose the k850i should arrive today hopefully. I was just kind of happy to get that, as i lost my last phone oh well there is always next year

thinking should ask for more internet usage

I managed to get my line rental down to £9.99pm with 200mins and 500texts, however this year when I went to upgrade I was told my line rental would be rising to £30pm. O2 seem to have changed their retention policy, as this has also happened to one of my friends, she was offered a deal which was significantly worse than the deal offered when upgrading last year. Its worth telling O2 you are going to leave them, that you're going to another network, and just make up a deal that say Orange could have offered you, and see what O2 do. I've gone to Orange now anyway as I got fed up of O2's rubbish customer service and all the mistakes made on my bills. I made that decision for sure when O2 couldn't explain why my upgrade deal was worse than the deal I could get as a new customer in terms of minutes/texts and when they wanted £75 for the upgrade phone when it was free to new customers! Shocking service.

[SIZE=2]Well got myself £20 credit, free K850i, one month free and 6 months free net access on 12 month contract £35 a month. Giving me 600mins and 1000texts.[/SIZE]

I have 2 phone contracts with o2 and 2 payg

I wanted to upgrade my 2nd account (mums) as her phone was 18mths old and suffering.
I currently pay £18.99 pm for 1000 texts and 1000 mins
So I called the week before to check what phones were available to her etc.
I got given a list of less than satisfactory mobiles and
when I asked about the Razr2 as she has the razr at the moment ,
they told me it would be £90!!

So I had a look at their offers for new customers and I found the razr on a similar priced tariff for free...it also stated "We offer all our existing customers the same offers as new customers"

I called back the week later and said I want the razr2 and wasnt happy about paying £90 when I could re-sign up and get it free...

She said "No problem" and the razr2 arrived 2 days later

Amazing what a difference a week can make!

I have upgrade on my other contract in November and I have had that account since they were Genie lol so I dont expect to be fobbed off on that one either...

Interesting what you can get from a different person at the same office...


I think thats a fair point, different staff, different day, etc. All customers should really be treated equally though!

£35 per month for 600mins/ 500 texts- 1/2 price on a 12month contract with free Samsung G600. THought that was pretty good?


£35 per month for 600mins/ 500 texts- 1/2 price on a 12month contract … £35 per month for 600mins/ 500 texts- 1/2 price on a 12month contract with free Samsung G600. THought that was pretty good?

is that half price of £35 or £70 half price??

Just renewed 2 18 month contracts with O2. They gave me a £10 discount on each of the tarrif each month for the first 12 months. Equivalent to £120 discount for each one. They are based on the 'online' tarrifs.

One was 200 minutes and 400 texts for £15 for the 1st 12 months, £25 for remaining 5 (because I can cancel or upgrade at month 17), with a free Samsung G600.

The other was 400 minutes and 1000 texts for £20 for the 1st 12 months , £30 for the remaining 5, with a O2 XDA Orbit (superb PDA phone) for £39.

I was very happy with these deals, and it did take a lot of haggling!


called my old phone provider 02 for PAC code after getting a red edition nokia 6300 (v nice) for £15 a month 18 mth contract with 400 mins/100 txt. 02 matched the price and contract - the only diff was the phone colour (black, £15 without chequeback, simple statement).

Brought phone back to phones4u shop see if they could do better : they tried everything even offering £90 upfront, lotsa minutes than i will ever need, still had to do chequeback about £8 pm, even had to speak with account manager on phone.

stuck to my guns with 02. however not too impressed with 02 that they didnt offer that before i shopped around. they just told me to try simplicity if i was not decided on the phone, same old contract £25 for 200 mins/100 txt.

w/ever, i just need a good contract :thumbsup:
£15 pm / 400 mins / 100 txt / 18 mth contract


is that half price of £35 or £70 half price??

£17.50 per month. Free phone

£30 a month over 18mth, 1000 texts, 400 xnet anytime, 2000 weekend min, 100 cashback and a free Sony Ericsson P1i :-D

No phone
12 months. 125 mins 125 texts @ £10 per month and £75 credit.


I doubt anyone will beat the deal I got!

I cancelled due to the 0870 call charges - but said I would be happy to stay with them for the right offer.

Was offered a 580i on £15pm for 250 minutes. I mentioned that if I cancelled, I would lose my cashback on my current deal (which was £35 per month - though I wasnt going to get all of it back - just forgot to tell them!!) So she agreed to add £105 to my account as a credit. I then said, I would also lose the £35 I had already paid (as the bills had to be sent in batches of 4) she agreed to add that also - so now up to £140 credit. - And by this time it was now only 11 months and 1 week left on this new 12 month contract as I was staying put until the month I had alreay paid for expired!!

Then she was away when she was supposed to have switched over. That got me a further £35 into the account and also a £10 goodwill. So now up to £185 for a contract that wouldnt even cost that much - and with a free phone!!!

And it gets better still!!!

Because she forgot previously, I rang back to ask if it had been done now. The girl I spoke to said there was a further charge of £35 added to my old account. I said I had moved and she agreed to put a credit on my old account - which was switched midway through the month. I just got the final bill for my old account..... -£57 So I can ask them for a cheque back for that.

So to recap...

Free 580i
12 months @ £15pm (Which is £180 - but as mentioned - is actually only £170 as they switched midway) - and I have £185 credit in the account. (So at the end they will owe me!!!!)
Plus £57 rebate from the account terminated!

Total cost for the year with a freephone - they pay me £72 for the pleasure!!!

They made a big cockup IMHO - but I'm not complaining!

I agreed to that deal.... but it gets better

Nice deal guv - very nice deal.

600minutes xnet, unlimited texts (fair usage 2000, gone way over that), 250 mms, 25 quid/month with no phone.

Yes, it's o2 simplicity hehe.
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