Best offers on London Aquarium for this weekend

Found 25th Sep 2009
My sister wants to take her kids & the better half to the london aquarium this weekend. any cheap tickets / discounts?

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Where are you based? If you are travelling by train you can get the 2 for 1 aquarium tickets. You have to fill in a form (I think you can print one off) or pick one up from the train station. You have to show your train tickets to the Aquarium, but it was the cheapest way we found to go back in July. Great if they use a family railcard too, savings all round.
I am in london :oops:

Thats the link to the rail one. You supposedly need a train ticket to validate the voucher - you can probbly pick one up from around a station but most of the time they dont ask for one.

I have used this vouchers at ripleys , madame tussards and london dungeons.
You could always try without the tickets, saying that someone else in the party has gone off with the return tickets and the outwards ones were eaten by the ticket barriers (Waterloo has them fitted on all the platforms now). I can't remember if they looked to be honest. Alternatively see if you can buy cheap rtn tickets somewhere on the southwest trains network within the London area, and use them! (I don't know how cheap that would be though!) Only a suggestion.
Re: train offer mentioned above----

I have used Thames Trains to go into London and visited London Dungeons and London Aquarium- neither asked for proof.. a friend in November travelled to Madame Taussauds from Bank Tube Station with a return (Oyster wont do) and they asked to see his tix, and accepted em- and he didnt even travel on the 'train'- i think they're probably just greatful for the custom(!).
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