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    Hi all
    I have just received my new next gen console(Im not saying which one to avoid a console debate)and I have decided to join an online game rental company for 2-3 months or maybe longer as I have so many games I want to try before I buy as this is my first next gen experience. Can anyone give me advice on a reliable, fairly cheap company that offers great service in games as I want the best value for money & quidco would be great too!
    The only company I have used in the past is Lovefilm(2 years ago ish) so that one is the only one that I wouldn't get a free month trial with or quidco cashback.
    Thanks so much;)


    There is plenty of 3 month reactiivation codes for lovefilm about.

    Not sure as such as I have about 70 dvds on my lovefilm list and about 10 games, and since I first put the games on list 8 months ago I have had 2 of them and both are common games.

    And a lot of hard to find in shops(though not on Ebay) like MGS2 Substinance have massive waiting lists.

    I have found an as cheap and more reliable way is to buy the games cheap and then flog them on. I have a PS3 cus that is better than the XBox (
    I must admit that I am no longer a fan of rental services so I am slightly bias. But spending £15 a month on rental then maybe only geting a game or two which you don't complete doesn't compare to buying the game for £20 and having a good run at it before you are 100% you are sick of it to then get £10+ trade-in or swap for something you can do the same on.

    My 2p anyway

    just sign up to lovefilm with a different email address have only games in your list and put old games as low priority and newer games as high priority or you will never get the newer ones. I did it as soon as i got my ps3 and a few blu ray movies has been fine they have sent through the games i wanted and its unlimited so you can play as many as you like also be sure to donwload all the demo's on the PSN loads to play there.

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your reply's I think I'll buy cheap and sell them on when I'm bored with them. Cheers:)
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