Best Online Music Store?

Found 20th Sep 2004
Just wondering what experience anyone has had, and what they like the most. I haven't used any yet, but think it is probably time to try some out.

Had my iPod (yes, common as dirt :roll: ) for over 2 years now, but all my stuff is in Mp3, so I'm not too sure about apple's aac. Any advice?


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Well I would be biased to the iTMS but when I went to buy some songs it kept giving me errors on my Solo card. So I haven't been back since. Maybe I'll try again.

Downloaded a few from Wanadoo music club since I got some free credit.
Also, downloaded a few from iTunes @ 79p each. iTunes downloads in MP4 format. I had problems converting these to WMA or MP3 formats.

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I thought Mp4 was only for video files? So you get a choice of that or aac? Can you not download the files as though you are in the US, because with the exchange rate you get them for about 50 p each I think...


I think there was a choice of AAC or MP4.

They want a US registered credit card to be able to get US prices.

cant you just convert them?

I am sure you can, but I haven't found a way of doing it.

haha, thought this thread was gonna be about CD shops & stuff lol!

Thanks for that. I'll give it a try.

Did you find a good online music store?

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