Best online place to print photos??

    Hey guys!

    Best online place to print photos??

    Been AGES since I've printed photos out and I'm a photographing maniac... just back from a week in Ibiza and have over 500 from there alone... but I've not printed any all year! I got a new computer and haven't printed any since. I can't remember sites I've tried etc.

    There was one I quite liked as it had an offline photo uploader thing... I could choose all the ones I wanted printed and muck about with the outlines so the best area was chosen to be printed (you know how they alwasy have areas that DON'T show in the shot?). You could do this offline then upload them all in one go. I can't rememeber the site you could do that tho.

    really I'm after the name of that site, and also what other folks use, what they thinki s best for prices, quality, ease to change the areas of pics that will be printed etc etc

    thanks for any info



    Just used Photobox. Photo's uploaded and ordered on Saturday. They arrived on Tuesday. Good Quality and you can crop the photo after you ulpoad them.
    They also gave me 40 6x4 for free and there was a discount on enlargements.
    Can't complain.

    I also use photobox and sometimes the photos come the next day. I think you get some free prints with your first order

    use code JUNE5 to get £5 off £20 spent valid to 27th june
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