Best online poker website + introductory offer?

    Hey guys,

    I am looking to get into the world of online poker but only recreationally. I only intend to play £10 at a time every now and again and am not interested in tournaments (that's what they all say eh?).

    Which website do you guys use/like? And which ones offer good introductory offers, perhaps in conjunction with quidco?

    Anyways, I am happy to leave rep for good suggestions.



    usually £10 wont last you very long with their bonuses!
    I wouldnt suggest any website as I think most of them are just as bad.
    Pokerstars are very popular in the UK. I am sure someone can provide you with more sites!

    i'd go poker stars, as the min deposit there is 10$

    pkr is pretty good, but minimum deposit is 25$

    you have the likes of willhill, ladbrokes etc, but imo best to stick to a pokersite if you just want to play poker.

    IF you do play, don't put it all in at one game! Find some sit-an-go events.

    Normally 1 table of 10, for say 1$, it's good practice without going broke quickly

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, I'll have a look into it.

    I've also heard that signing up to a gambling website can affect your credit score? Is that an urban legend? I'd rather not affect my future standing for the sake of a bit of entertainment.

    Have a look on QUIDCO too for some extra bonuses, I just did the PKR one - which upon checking seems to have ended.

    mines crap anyway, but i wouldnt of thought so, it shouldnt have any effect on your credit score...

    full tilt is the best for me
    btw £10 u must play very low stakes as that doesnt last very long if u have bad draw of cards
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