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Found 23rd Apr 2011
Can anyone point me towards the best place for buying low or no commission euros, preferably delivered and preferably with a decent cashback rate ? I am only looking to buy around 140 sterlings worth.

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I hate to say it but TESCO give the best rates

Just be careful....there was an online company that went bust last year and everyone who'd paid didn't get their holiday spendies

Most places do commission free curency nowadays and just charge for sterlin TC's
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It might be ideal to buy £140 GBP somewhere on the high street as it appears you may have to pay delivery of around £3 or £4 if you order the amount you want exchanging online.

If you're worried about any company going bust and are buying £100 plus, consider buying with a credit card (make sure to pay in full if you can) as you'll get Section 75 consumer protection. If the company goes bust you can then sue the credit card company instead.

MSE's Travel Money Maximiser should give best currency rates. There are two options for collection or delivery.

I must say, I wasn't actually aware you could get cashback as well from any of these currency exchange companies though you could still try MSE's Cashback Checker for best cashback rates if you do decide to purchase an online order.

Incidentally, read where it says "key notes" once you click on the "find me the best rate" button. You'll see this after you've clicked this button. In fact, read all notes if you can as some terms differ to others.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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thanks, what was hard to work out now is plain to see
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