Best or most complete Lord Of The Rings set! :)

    I just watched all 3 LOTR movies and loved them, I now want to see the extended versions and saw the "Extended Editions set" which comes with 12 Discs.

    I was just wondering, is this the best or most complete set I can get?, I've searched around so much and am confused now, dont mind spending more if needed.
    If it is the best one to get then would appreciate some cheaper deals :).



    Your llink didn't work, so it just points to Play now

    Original Poster

    Ah, thanks
    all the deals I found on here are expired, I'm always too late !

    This will be the most complete set, think it was on offer somewhere not so long ago for £17.99…tml

    That's the most complete you'll find as has been said

    Original Poster

    Just brought it, £21, shame I missed the £18 one

    I bet a few days later its on offer again...

    It's part-and-parcel of visiting this site, anything you've ever bought is suddenly on sale;-)
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