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    Just about to cancel daughter contract phone, is it still 02 which is the best for texts? i know it used to be something like £10 and get 300 free texts free? As i dont think t-mobile will offer me any kind of deal because its a u-fix contract but incase they ask what im looking for just wanted to know whats the best deal for texts? Thanks


    top up 10 pound on orange and get 300 texs free per month

    I'm with O2 and have been for several years. I have a contract phone and recently upgraded my contract to the online sim 15. This is a deal were you get 200 mins and 400 texts per month for £15, also free unlimited calls to other O2 users. I found it the best deal for me and this was only a couple of months ago. If you call O2 they will match any online deal.

    I with O2 PAYG and top up £10 a mth and get 300 free txts or you can top up £10 add a £5 per mth bolt on and get 1000 units which can be used for minutes or texts, so either 1000 mins, 1000 txts or 500 of each etc etc, its mix and match on them.

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    ok, thanks for your help guys, phoned up they offered me a few mins and a few poxy texts for £5 per month, so cancelled and will get another cashback deal from CPW
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