Best Pay As You Go Mobile Tariff

    Just wonder what your opinions are on which tariff is best.

    I think 3 has the best current offering:

    12p a min flat rate in x-net with the opportunity to 'stretch' ur top up e.g. for £15 you can mix/match 300 mins or txts ..... which seemingly copies their contract tariff ..... so in effect you have a 1 month 'contract' prices which automatically expire after 30 days ...... easier than O2 simplicity!

    Any other opinions ....... the only other providers with a decent call charge seems to be Orange @ 15p a minute.

    I'm not a txt freak but I make x-net calls and don't want to pay anything more than 15p a minute. I usually don't use my phone for more than 5 mins a day so a contract isn't really viable.

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    the o2 1 with 300 free texts each month with a £10 top up imo
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