Best Pay As You Go (PAYG) service

Posted 10th Mar 2023
I am looking for a mobile service, I mainly answer incoming calls and very rarely call and use this phone
In Vodafone my services has been disconnected twice due to no usage on number since a long time.
What you can recommend for me in pay as you go service?
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    The RWG is pretty awesome for low usage, 1p Mobile is also a possibility if you want EE service without the price!
    They even offer Wi-Fi Calling on 1p Mobile (I don’t think RWG does)
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    Depends where you go! EU roaming is included with the right package.

    Both 1p and RWG require you to have credit when roaming in rest of the world, and then charge accordingly depending on the country and what calls/data you call (much the same as every other network!)

    I believe 1p Mobile still charges 1p for each, but don’t quote me on that! Does tell you in their FAQ’s xoxo
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    Get yourself a classic PAYG SIM From o2. About £1 or less new in sealed pack on eBay.

    3p a minute, 2p a text, 1p a megabyte. All you have to do is make one chargeable call every 90 days and your account, phone number, and credit will all remain active.
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    All you have to do is make one chargeable call every 90 days and your account

    The same in Vodafone, but I am not sure about prices per min/text/megabyte
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