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Found 20th May 2006
Help please currently with orange but due to them wanting to charge me £100 for the handset I am leaving them. Would like a 12 month contract for a Nokia 6111 pink dont really want to pay more than £25 pm and would like at least 60 mins cross network minutes.

Would like to stay with orange however they have said that they would not let me port my number to the new handset! stupid really as this would mean i have to go to another network



Both CoolNew Mobile and The Mobile Outlet have this phone on a 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract (with cashback), it is on duckmagicuk2's mobile phone thread. Hope this helps.

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Both are with orange and then I cant port my number - however the thread is excellent


They should do!! Get them to port it to a PAY-G SIM or something and then port is back to orange. They usuaklly do let you port to a new contract. Have you asked them for a reason why??

My friend pays £17.50 a month with 02 and just got a 6111 as an upgrade (black) for free. Check out shop.o2.co.uk/shop

check this link out:

You can get it free on orange with 12 month free, basically a completely free phone. it is the 1st link on the page!

Hope this helps

mod edit: link removed as self promotion isn't allowed in the forums

Downside to the phone is - no memory slot (so you only have the onboard 25Mb (or maybe 32Mb) Then you have to upload stuff to your PC. Also has quite a flimsy feel. But my friend is happy with hers.

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thanks alot will check em all out
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