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    I'm giving an old handset to a relative but need help with networks/cost. She will mainly be using it for incoming calls and the outgoings will probably be no more than 50 texts a month and no more than 1 hour talk time a month. Which network/deal would be cheapest for this?


    If you have a CPW near you, pop in and get a copy of their magazine.

    They list the main networks PAYG costs.

    No one can tell you what is the cheapest on the information you have provided.

    First off is the handset you are giving her Unlocked to allow choice of networks?
    Second, assuming it is then because she will be using it to make very little out going calls/text then I dont think cost between the different networks is an issue.
    I would find out which network gives the best/strongest coverage in her area and go with them.

    just my 2cents worth.:thumbsup:
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