Best PAYG for very light user (calls only) with a 2G phone?

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Found 1st Sep 2016
I'm looking for a sim for my retired Father. I bought him a flip phone and a 3 sim but it turns out that it's not 3G capable so the 3 sim didn't work. I got my money back for the sim so now I need another.

The 321 sim was ideal - up to 6 months to use the credit and cheap call rates, but if it won't work with the phone he wanted then it's of no use! He'll be using the phone mainly to receive calls but occasionally he'll need to make outgoing calls. I've heard about "Delight mobile" and they offer the same rates as 3's 321 sim but I'd never come across them previously - has anyone used them? It seems they're connected to/owned by Vectone but that's about all I can find.


I have a Asda PAYG in a old Nokia that's cheap

just checked, it's still working. the last £10 I put on was at least 18m ago

Beware that Vectone/Delight will expire any unused credit after 90 days. So if you have £10 in your account, and make a one minute call once a week, the remaining £9.64 balance will still be wiped after 90 days.

Delight's 123 deal is still good for light users - just only top it up £5 at a time.

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My neighbour uses Delight. Their only complaint is the delayed delivery of text messages some times.

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Cheers preecy and bozo. I sussed out their credit time out, but again, it comes out similar to the 3 offer because you can get away with a£5 min to up (I think 3 only do £10 but I'm not 100%) but it's every 90 days instead of 6 months.
Glad they have no other issues, he won't be texting so that's fine ☺️
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