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Found 1st Aug 2010
My daughter has just got a weekend job and wants to get a iphone and "contract". Twice in the past I have been stung with her having a contract and going over her minutes and therefore costing me over £600 !! So, I want to know if there is a "contract" or PAYG sim which will allow her :-
1) Plenty of time of the web.
2) WIFI (I presume thats just phone dependant)
3) Sim only (as she will buy the Iphone)
4) Flexible. (Hopefully PAYG or monthly)
5) Most important, she cannot go over her minutes/data/texts.

It would be fantastic if anyone can help.
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I would suggest that you find a network that is best suited to her needs and then barter with them, this does work if you ring them direct, but i suggest giving the task of bartering to somebody who has a slight big of knowledge in thsi field. I have done this for both my parents with Orange for many years and have always got some great deals.

Depending on the network it will depend on what you can get for how much. However Apple set the tarrifs for iphones and not the networks so there is almost no room to negotiate on iphones. As Iphones use a special sim even the sim only plans are not too great. Also the price of the iphone sim free is about £600 then your paying out on the topups and for the sim its going to end up cosing a bomb.

I am aware you have had problems with contracts before but it will save you a lot of money even if you get a high value contract so she does not go over her monthly allowance.

I would strongly reccomend looking at the HTC Desire as a better alternative, not only does it do everything that the Iphone does but it is a lot more flexible with putting music movies games and any content on.

But i understand that she may just want the phone everybody else has even though she will pay more for something that does less.

Wifi is in all smartphones these days and because you are using a hotspot or home network to connect does not use any data from your phone plan just your connected network.

Hope this helps and does not confuse things
Oh i forgot to add

If you ring the network you decide to go with (Orange, O2, Vodafone ect) they maybe able to restrict the phone so you can't go over the contract allowance.

If not the only way round this is to go on PAYG but as i said above this will end up being costly as it sounds like she is a high user.
Orange do the iphone 4 for £480 on PAYG or the 3GS version for £385
O2 don't list the iphone on PAYG on their website
Vodafone do not list the iphone on PAYG on their website
Tesco list the iphone 4 for £479.99 on PAYG or the 3GS for £385

All of these will require you to top up the phone but you will not be able to go over the usage
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