Found 15th Nov 2009
I need to get a PAYG sim for my son aged 11... is there a best one to get, or are they all much of a muchness?

Thanks, from a phone newbie!

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Nothing fancy but at £4.99 can't go wrong:…u-h mine / most arrived unlocked

asdas pay as you go sim is very good it is by vodaphone so good coverage and calls are 8p a min (to landlines and mobiles) texts just 4p, i think they are the cheapest for calls to mobiles. the sim either costs 50p i think or it is free when you buy £5 airtime (which lets face it you will prob be buying airtime anyway)

tesco do a sim where u can get free credit when you top up and get half price calls and texts to 5 fav numbers (calls 10p and text 5p at half price)

top up with £10 you get £20 credit
top up with £15 you get £45 credit

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thanks a lot... top ups have such a short expiry rate! what about people who barely use the phone?!

This is interesting.
I'm looking to do the same for my 10 year old.
He doesnt live with me so i was thinking of getting a cheap phone, just so he can phone daddy whenever he wants to.
Anybody know how long the credit lasts for (if not used).
Does it just expire and then you lose if after say a month?

the free credit on the tesco one lasts 1 month and your calls use the free stuff first... once your free credit runs out then you use the orginal topup. eg if you top up with £10 you recieve £10 free... the free is used first then your £10 or after 1 month your free stuff disappears and your left with the £10 you topped up with.
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