Best PC for animation student

    Hi guys

    My younger brother has started uni and is studying animation.

    He has asked to me to get him a new PC plus he wants a big lcd TV that he can use as a monitor,tv and somethin to connect his playstation to.

    For the computer i have seen a few on the bay....can anyone tell me if this is worth the money.....dont knw that much about computers but i think i need more graphics power and ram and not so much processor.

    ebay item 110311905832
    Can anyone direct me looking to spend no more then £450.

    Bro will be using Maya on it.

    Thanks guys.



    Well I'd generally be very careful about buying on ebay and I'd definitely avoid those like the one you linked that lie about processor speed.

    I don't know much about animation but autodesk recommends a quadro/fireGl rather than a geforce or radeon:…522

    I'd also ask your brother to check with his tutors whether a TV would be appropriate for the sort of art he's doing, if he needs accurate colours or a specific colour space for example then a TV may not be the best choice

    My friend doing film studies says that macs are the best thing/have the best programmes and functionality for editing films. I think animation would be a lot like editing films so might be worth loking into macs.
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