Best PC gaming upgrade for around £200

Found 4th Sep 2017
Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading my PC to something that might play games more than about 4 years old at decent framerates lol. Current spec is
i3 2120 running at stock 3.3ghz on a Gigabyte Z68A-B3-D3 mobo with 8Gb RAM
a Radeon R9 200 card with 2Gb RAM.

My budget is only about £200 max so am I better off getting a better processor or upgrading the graphics card? Thanks for any advice, it's been years since I looked at the component market.
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Definitely graphic card.
I would suggest Graphics card too, however with the bitcoin mining going on currently, their prices are hyper inflated...
Thanks both. So the old i3 wouldn't be a bottleneck then? and any thoughts on a good bang for buck upgrade? Cheers.
There was a 1050 other day for £89.
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