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Found 22nd Mar
Ideally i would like to create a multiscreen setup with two or three monitors. What would the best way of going about this be?

A while ago there was a really helpfull coment about buying monitors from ebay particularly dell monitors. They linked the best suppliers and models to buy/avoid. I thought i saved this comment but cant locate it anywhere. Would anyone have any tips on purchaisng monitors, best to buy etc.
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I recently had three NEC MULTSYNC LCD 2090 UXi PROFESSIONAL 20.1 INCH COMPUTER MONITORS WITH HOODS for sale on Ebay that didn't sell - even though I had loads of 'watchers' no one bid so I have postponed their sale for a while.…022
I'm more than happy to relist them if this is the sort of thing you are after?33500787-ulmmr.jpg33500787-A8OpH.jpg33500787-rRNrP.jpg
@richywebb26 What are your requirements and usage?

The only thing that affects multi-monitor use if you're buying identical screens is the thickness of the border, and whether your computer has appropriate connections, but you can always buy a new graphics card or adaptors.

So choice will come down to factors like what you're using them for, the environment you're using them in (mimimum/maximum brightness, size, viewing distance) and of course what you're willing to spend.
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