Best PC to play Sims 4? Urgent help to find the right one

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Is it only for Sims 4 or are there possibly other games you'd want to play?

The Sims 4 will run enjoyably on just about anything.

If you want it looking at it's absolute best, all the sparkly bits enabled on a high resolution monitor, then you do need a top of the range gaming computer. What sort of budget do you have?…=1&
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Ancient dell pc here (well I reckon 8/9 yrs old)... low specs. Sims 4 runs fine.


Best PC you say? this one's not too … Best PC you say? this one's not too bad...

You're joking of course and The Sims 4 doesn't support SLI but it does support multi-monitor and 4K setups. So on a high end but not excessively expensive £750 triple 3840x2160 monitor setup I suspect you'd be looking at frame rates in the double digits rather than the triple digits from a PTitan X.
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