Best PC/MAC for Video Editing!

    first of all I appologise for not posting in agesssssssssss.... SORRY

    do any of you do any serious video editing?, what setup do you use?

    help much appreciated


    you need a decent cpu .... high end dual core or a quad core, 4gb ram and a nice big hard drive ........need a power hungry graphics such as the 9600 GT and a 500ew + power supply

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    thank you very much faevilangel, could you reccomend any machines on ebuyer?

    Mac Pro everytime!


    Yeah i agree with what faevilangel said you need a fast cpu and lots of ram and lots of storage. Id say go for a quadcore if you are using a program that optimises it.…614

    But it would best if you upgraded the graphics card.

    thats a pretty good machine for the price, but id also recommend dual monitors so when you are editing you have a larger workspace, and im not sure what the exact percentages are but i think it makes you 20 to 30% more productively efficient.


    On ebuyer there are these machines which i think would do the job but still if you do alot of video editing id still recommend getting a larger hardrive e.g 1tb…474…475 (youre paying around one hundred pound more for a faster cpu and about 100gb more of storage space)

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    the zoostorm advance looks awesome dark!, I might go for it!, quite expensive but probably worth it!......I'll probably use it just for video editing.... I might get something a bit cheaper and just buy a 1TB external hard drive or something?...

    Heat and Rep Added guys


    You can always try ebay, youll get a better deal, i would link you but ebay links arent allowed, and most companies have a guarantee on there.

    Ooh, is this going to become one of those threads where we all get all geeky and one-up each other for specs at price? Yay!

    My contribution is that you get a nerdy mate to build this for you, and to fire Vista x64 on it. No, it's not cheap, but if you wants serious work done, you'll want to splash out a little. Ideally, this would have two harddrives in it in RAID configuration for near-double speeds and I'm not sure about the graphics card (does your video ediing app use the 3D and video acceleration capabilities of video cards? If not, there's not much point on buying anything special, although two DVI outputs for the two monitors that I demand you buy is a must), but as it is, it's rather a swift beast.

    Just to add. It depends on which software you're going to using to a degree. Avid or Adobe Prem ? and if you're going to be shooting in standard res or HD ?
    Also, do you need compatibility with other systems, are you going to do both the off and on line edit on the same machine or are you talking the off line into an edit suite. . .
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