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Was hoping some of you ladies can help some poor old man when it comes to picking perfume lol. Was looking to get one for the wife for xmas so was curious whats the best on the streets at the moment?

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It really depends on the person...... we all like different things!!! lol

Personally one of my all time favourites is Calvin Klein ETERNITY, but a new one that I also like is Armani DIAMONDS.

As above,re all being different, but I like Ghost and Anna Sui's Dreams; also Marc Jacobs Daisy.

I would say that for most of the 'celebrity' ones, you might as well sprinkle youself with vinegar.

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My favourite brand is Chanel, I normally wear their Chance or Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.

Armani Diamonds

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Poeme by lancome, Angel by ( i cant spell his name! LOL )
Gucci Rush ( origional )
Ghost ( the pink bottle )

lol Hope this helps

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Come on ladies im a bloke im useless at this kind of thing lol just keep coming in with what you like and whats new etc and ill see what gets mentioned the most and probs just go for that

Angel by Thierry Mugler is my favourite, but perfume is so personal, what one person likes another will hate! (I love the britney spears fantasy perfumes but I know loads of people mock me for that!)
If you go to the perfume shop, for about £29 you can get a box of several different 'taster' perfumes, with a voucher for her to go along and get a larger bottle of her preference? That might be an idea?

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Yes good idea, im usually a internet shopper so never really thought of that to be honest lol

Vera Wang princess

Viktor & Rolf... Flower Bomb or Eau Mega (my favourite!).

Beautiful Fragrances

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Anyone know what that lady million is like?

I always wear Lancome Hypnose it beautiful, however as all the others have stated we are all different what suits me wont suit everyone. Good luck

What does she wear at the moment?

bought my missus lady millionaire for crimbo,dunno what it smells like (she was dropping hints!) i have the bloke`s version and it is hot! my faves that i have bought her in the past are...are,issey miyake,chanel no.5 and boudoir by vivienne westwood.

Why dont you got to a perfume shop and smell some? That way you can see what you think she will like. Ie if she usually wears musky or floral scents etc you may be able to detect one when smell some. I personally love all the Ghost perfumes. And any fruity fragrances.

Coco Mademoiselle and Vera Wang Princess are two that I really like at the moment. Oh and Amor Amor.

Beautiful by Estee Lauder, is, well beautiful.

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Beleive she has angel and armani diamonds i got her last xmas

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Looking at two Gucci guilty or lady million ?

Chanel No 5, Armani She/Elle, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Paris by YSL, Miracle by Lancome, Joop pink (meant for men but I love it and wear it sometimes).

Hugo Boss Femme is lovely.
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