Best phone around £200

Found 23rd Jun 2018
I'm just wondering what people would suggest as the best phone for around £200, preferably under that price. I would like it to be able to take excellent quality photos (my Moto G 4G takes rather poor ones, though it is old), to be able to multitask with multiple apps. I will mostly use it for browsing online,shopping and so on.

I have very little interest in games or watching videos, so the spec doesn't need to be particularly good in that respect. I'd also like it to go at least a day without needing a charge, so a decent battery is a must. Perhaps a screen that can be seen reasonably well in bright daylight and dual sim would be a bonus.

I'm used to Android, so would prefer to stay with that, unless someone can convince me some other system is better.

Any suggestions?
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Try look at the many Xiaomi deals on here. Well received phones they are.
I got a Xiaomi Redmi 5 ai dual camera on eBay for 200 pounds. Great phone so far.
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