Best Phone Contract For Me?

    Currently with Vodafone and was paying approx £20 a month line rental for 100 minutes & free weekend calls PLUS they were giving me a £14 extra's pack for nothing.

    My Price Plan is -: Any 100 50% X Min FOC W/End 17.

    About 3 weeks ago Vodafone phoned me up to say I was entitled to either a new phone (some cheapo Nokia) or a £25 loyalty bonus, I told them I'd think about it and get back to them. Never bothered, got this months bill in and Vodafone are now charging me for the £14 extra's pack which they were giving me for nothing.

    I've just twigged that they were just trying to tie me to a new contract and slip in an extra £14 a month on the fly

    What's the best contract deal out there at the moment?

    Not that bothered about getting a new phone (my W800i will last another year or so)



    If you dont want a cashback plan (lots of free ones out there) go for something on Three. 1 of their £15 per month plans is pretty good.

    I went for a 18month half price line rental plan instead. Plus they do £82.50 quidco, free bluetooth headset and refer a friend. I went ofr this:…d=0

    Dont want the fone so will be selling it and will be downgrading tariff after 18 months :P

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    cheers for the quick reply

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    thanks - rep added

    No that used to be the case years ago, but now 3 coverage is one of the best! My partner got a 3 fone last month and so far coverage beats the pants off O2 on testing against mine!

    Check this forum, theres loads of ppl who say the same e.g.…597

    Also the first link is old as its quoting extremely old Tariffs!!!

    If you decide to go for 3, pm me and I'll find the free bluetooth headset code for you.

    For God sake do not go with 3.

    They look all nice and cheap.

    Which is great untill things go wrong. Which In my case they have done.

    Everything was fine for the first few months. However when the phone went wrong and it needed to be replaced. The customer services were incredibley unhelpful. And I was without a phone for over 2 weeks, and it still isn't great.

    Also When I took out the contract I was told I could change the monthly charges, free of charge after 7 months. I have just tried this and have been told that I can't do this untill after 9 months, and even then there will be a charge of £25 to do so. Again customer services very un helpful.

    3 look cheap at the out set. But they a hell of a pain to deal with. My advise would be to avoid them like the plague.

    Suppose a bad experience will put you off for life! Hopefully I wont ever have to ring them as I'll be using my old fone. Worked it out with the quidco and refer a friend it will cost me £11 a month not including whatever I get for the fone when I sell it.

    You have to be careful with phone sales. One of the reasons I wont take a contract out over the phone as they'll say anything for you to take the deal! Thinks thats generally true with alot of providers.

    Mind you I have been asking them loads of questions on their "three advisor" thingy on their website in last few days including downgrading rules. It pays to ask!
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