Best phone deal for ringing from South Africa?

    Does anyone know the best handset/network to use for phoning to and from South Africa.

    Been put on the hunt by my auntie to get a cheap & easy to use phone for my Uncle when he goes to South Africa, just wondering what network is cheapest to use while over there.

    I have heard about Vodafone have good roaming charges, but that current deal for the Samsung Phone for £9.99 seems easy enough for him to use.

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    This is the one I am thinking of getting for him to use. Although which network would it be best on?…-9-

    o2 have a bolt on, £4.99 one off payment

    South africa
    Fixed line 10ppm
    Mobile 35ppm
    text 10p per text

    loads more available, take alook…ler

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    o2 have a bolt on, £4.99 one off paymentSouth africaFixed line … o2 have a bolt on, £4.99 one off paymentSouth africaFixed line 10ppmMobile 35ppmtext 10p per textloads more available, take alook

    Thanks mate will have a look now.
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