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    Birthday coming up in just over a week, so I should be getting monies :). I've given up on trying to fix this k810i, (lovely phone, so was the k800) so i've decided to upgrade. I love my music & i love taking pictures, so something with a 5mp camera & decent music player is ideal. I've been looking at the n95 8gb & the tocco, and possibly the c902, but i'm wondering if there's any other good phones available (new/slighly used) for the price. I dislike the k850i (mum's got one) and i don't want something that would break in an instant, something that would take a beating would be ideal. So if you could help & recommend would be great thanks.



    Ooo will keep an eye on this as looking for pretty much exactly the same thing, got given a c702 by o2 when my k800i died, and its absolutely rubbish, the camera on it is useless!

    Any bargain prices would be very much appreciated! Not so bothered about the music player, but 5mp decent camera would be tops x

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    considering the 5610 aswell, looks tempting.
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