Best phone provider / rates to Irish Mobile!

    Hi all.

    This for my Mum really, but basically my sister has moved to Ireland, and is in the middle of getting her own house built, so at the moment is only contacable on an Irish Mobile number!

    Does anyone know if BT / Talk Talk / Sky have any packages that would include not only landline calls to Eire, but also mobiles???

    Her monthly bill is currently £90 a month (at least!!!!) from NTL for a shocking Broadband service, basic TV package, and landline!!!!!

    Need to get her changed ASAP so if anyone has any details I would appreciate it.



    1. if you are out of your 12 months with Virgin (NTL), call the disconnection dept and threaten to leave unless they reduce your bill, you will be pleasantly surprised at what they will offer.

    2. Check out mse's call checker…er/

    3p/5p to landlines and 7p on mobiles

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that - TBH, I wanna get her away from NTL anyway as they have been taking advantage and ripping her off for yonks now!!!!

    Will have a look at that link now thanks!
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