Best phone recommendation?

    Looking to buy a phone second hand for around £200, looking at the G4 and s6. Any other recommendation, maybe from china?

    Looking for good Camera, Good screen and size. Thanks


    I wouldn't buy the g4. I had mine for 8 months and only just got it back from LG for repair to the bootloop problem(Google it).
    I don't rate LG 's customer service at all. Not once have they responded to my emails, no live chat agents are ever available. Of course this is just my opinion and may have been unlucky. The phone itself (for 8months) was superb. Good luck

    Huawei (like new) p9 from o2 website was £211 payg not sure if still in stock. Also on eBay you can get Lg nexus 5x 32gb (new) around £220

    sony z3. had one it's a great phone. unfortunately I smashed the screen so cheered myself up by buying the s7.

    I would not buy a phone for £200 from China. If something goes wrong (unlikely i know) but if it does, you are stuffed really. Sending something back to China is expensive, takes a long time and no guarantee that it would arrive. So you will be left with accepting a partial refund, happened to a phone i bought and I had to go the partial refund route

    elephone p900 or wait for elephone s7 release date

    sorry p9000

    Nexus 5x

    What did you go for? I am also looking for a phone for £150-200

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    What did you go for? I am also looking for a phone for £150-200

    I went for a second hand LG G4 just make sure its not a bootloop version
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