Best phone under £200 ZUK Z2? LE ECO Max 2? Umi Z?

    I've been looking for a new phone recently and want something for less than £200.

    I want decent specs and future proofing / value for money for the price. A large screen size if possible. SD slot is nice to have although if internal storage is decent then is less of an issue.
    I don't want a fingerprint reader really, although that seems less avoidable nowadays so I guess I might have to live with it. One where the fingerprint sensor isn't on a button that is required for normal operation is preferable.

    In terms of best value for that price, the ZUK Z2 seems good, however it only has a 5 inch screen and I would prefer one with a slightly bigger screen (around 5.5 if possible).
    Also it lacks band 20.
    It doesn't have an sd slot but the internal storage is large so hopefully that shouldn't be an issue.

    There is the LE ECO Max 2 but the problem with that phone is that it has no headphone socket but comes with an adaptor. Not only is that a problem when wanting to charge and use headphones, but I also imagine the adaptor breaking quite easily. Plus I don't really want to encourage this anti-consumer practice.

    My father is suggesting the UMI Z to me however I don't know how Mediatek X27 compares to the Qualcomm 820.
    I also heard that it is a lot less likely for people to create CFW for Mediatek phones and that things can be buggy with CFW for them?

    I would basically like a phone that will be supported by CFW in the long term - as I know that for any phone you cannot rely on manufacturers to update it.
    We have now reached a point where specs of phones are "good enough" so I won't really want to be upgrading after this for a while.

    The ZUK Z2 can be had for about £140 - 150 and the LE ECO Max 2 about £170 - 180. I think the UMI Z is about £170 - 180 too.…4gb…820…i-z

    The ZUK Z2 would be great if it was 5.5 inch and had LTE band 20 (800). That said I might end up going for it if there are no alternatives.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions or comments on the 3 phones mentioned? Or would I be better off waiting a month or so?



    vodafone smart platinum 7

    Lenovo P2.....amazing phone for the money.



    Lenovo P2.....amazing phone for the money.CHECK IT OUT HERE


    Have you looked at the Zuk Z2 Pro? it has LTE band 20 but only has a 5.2 inch screen. It is slightly over your budget, but meets your requirements.
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    Lenovo P2 best phone out there right now for under £200...and no crappy chinese warranty issues...just take it back to the three store.…rey

    The p2 looks a bit mid range compared to the zuk z2.

    Original Poster

    Yes I agree, I didn't want to be rude but looking at the specs the P2 they seem a reasonable amount worse than the ZUK Z2 yet it is about £60 - £70 more expensive.
    There are better things that the P2 has though, such as the screen is bigger and you get band 20 and a 5100mah battery and an SD card slot.

    The Z2 has a snapdragon 820 compared to the 625 which is quite a bit better (not really sure how much exactly, as I don't know good sites that compare such things). It has 64GB internal storage so I am not too worried about an SD card slot.
    The camera sensor size also seems a lot bigger (and the Le Max 2's a lot better than even it).

    The thing that I am most concerned about is the size, and if i do decide that 5 inch is too small then I'd think that the Umi Z or the Le Max 2 were better value - both still cheaper than the P2 and more powerful.

    At the moment it's difficult to decide which cons will annoy me the least. The Umi Z avoids the cons of the two 820 phones in terms of screen size on the Z2 and headphone socket on the Le Max 2 but is Mediatek and so i don't know how well it will be supported by CFW in the future.

    In terms of the Z2 pro, it's not that much better to be worth the high price hike - it simply adds band 20 and a slightly bigger / better screen, but it's not really that much bigger, just .2 of an inch.

    So yer, not entirely sure atm. Probably will end up going for the Z2 though and dealing with the screen size.

    Thanks for trying to help. It's frustrating because they are almost ok, it's just deciding which things would bother me most.

    The fact that I don't change phones often also makes CFW support more important because that's the only way to really keep updated i guess.

    Love my z2. Had lots of 5.5 inch phones and just prefer 5 inch now especially since it has no on screen buttons unless you choose to use them. You get full screen and u touch is great once used to it. It's also very fast. I came from an s7 edge and still like this more.

    If 5.5 inch is what you want dont bother with z2.
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