Found 4th Jun 2007
well i got to name a few

6230 original was exceptionally well made and survived utterly all drops.

6310i excellent battery life till this day.

w810i also great camera nicely built no problems at all that i recieved.

8910i classic good battery and slide better then 8800 in my eyes.


gott aagree with the 6310i

and last night he spent all night trying to break (in a funy way) my brothers 6230, we through it around the garden and off the shed, off the drive, throwing it in a pint finished it though!


OOoo no I didn't like the 8910i, thought it was ugly!

I loved my 8850, 8310

SE K800i

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another great fone currently noka 6300

Well the only phones I've never been able to wear out are the Nokia 6310i & 6233.

only used the 6233 for 9months but I never turned it off, used 2000min/month & 1000txts average.

6310i has been going for 5 years now.

My 3330 lasted 18months untill the microphone bust... it was txt abused with Genie

So thats my top 3!!

My 3310 is still going somewhere lol.
loved my seimans ME45 green screan and all
erricson T630 has lasted me 4 years (survinving even gennie abuse) and I'm now on the W850i which rocks


Nokia 3310 - very good phone people still using them this day without problems!

Sony Ericsson W950i - 4GB memory, touch screen, its a PDA!, blue tooth etc etc + Walkman phone beats the iPod!

Nokia N70/N73 - Good cameras, can survive through drops etc etc

Nokia 6310i - Most reliable, Strong, Excellent Battery...Just a phone...perfect..

Sony Ericsson K800i - Excellent 3.2MP Auto Focus Camera, with *Xenon* Flash... so it does kick the N73, N95 etc.. the flash makes a huge diff... plus its not buggy like Nokia's N95...
But I do hate Sony for their M2 when MicroSD will be just fine...but thats always been sony... (Betamax, Blu Ray, Memory Stick, M2 etc etc etc..)

Nokia E65 - Solid Nokia handset with some *impressive* features, looks the part and works perfectly :-)


another great fone currently noka 6300

they r crap m8 ive got one ... bat life you get about 5 hours out of it

here a good site to use

Ericsson A2628s. It's an ancient brick but has one feature lacking from ALL modern phones (afaik), the guest list. If you ain't on the list, you ain't coming in. Usefull for blocking withheld numbers/stalky mad people.

Apart from that I like my nokia 3230. Does just about everything I need it to do

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6300 is perfectly fine but thats your opinnion

I don't think I have found a nicer,better phone that my motorola v3 rzar

my best phones would be nokia 3310 8310 and 6230 they survive forever. 6230 been 2 years now with no probs not even battery

There's still a huge amount of 6310i being used by companies. Thriving market in refurbs and new ones too.

I've never used a 6310i, My 6230i is brilliant though, Best phone i've ever had!!!!
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