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Found 10th Jan
Think all my friends laugh about me behind my back about my pillow obsession
But I struggle to find a pillow that’s comfy and doesn’t cause a headache and Bleughhhhh feeling for lack of sleep
Tired all IKEA’s feather & normal and memory foam
Don’t want anything too hard and cement like
Any help
Was think Tempur but guess they’ll be hard want something cloud like but supportive

Help 😬
I’m mainly a side sleeper by the way
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I did recently buy some feather ones from Amazon ( previously available at Dunelm) Quilts of Denmark Goose Feather & Down (Pillow Pair). They are great, I had two already and recently got another 2.
A lot of it is just about the height, and that will vary between mattresses as well as people.

If you want recommendations on pillows to try then these futon company ones are quite good:…tml
You need to try a contour pillow to start with. I thought I'd never get on with it but have never looked back. Ikea sell both soft and hard version. I'm more the for the soft. Buy in other places to
I used to have some contour pillow years ago was great. But after 2 years it went a bit hard so gave it to my brother. He moved out and I asked if he still had the pillow as he wasn't using it. In return I got given a cheap copy of the contour pillow.

Was cheap and stiff. (you get what you pay).

I now own a M'lilly Gel memory foam pillow. It's super soft, but it's not a deep pillow. So my neck is at a slight pinch.

So 2 weeks ago I bought a Tempur cloud pillow, their 'softest' pillow they make.

Took it home, 5 mins of laying on it. The pillow was rock hard, and uncomfortable. So I returned it.

Went back to the M'Lilly pillow. But I've altered my pillow. Got a new mattress so I cut open my old one and sliced out some off the memory foam (about an inch thick layer size of my pillow shape) washed it and placed it in the pillow case. The pillow is still super soft but now a lot deeper. Best night's sleep on it.

I would recommend the M'Lilly but the deepness off that pillow is lacking (unless doing what I did above).
I paid a £100 pound for my one pillow and it’s the best ever !!!!
i got some lovely soft memory foam ones from Italy, tho i think there gone now bit harder
Those Tempur ones will be good but you can get very similar ones for less.

I have a contoured memory foam pillow as the ones that had material filling didn't last - I've had this one for at least three years and it's excellent - no more neck ache. Just can't remember where I got it from.

There's a very cheap one on Amazon: Here has some good reviews, worth checking out the lower scores to see why.

Good variety of different brands: Here
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