Best place / deal to buy white gloss in bulk

Found 1st Jan
Hi guys

I have a big diy house makeover job coming up soon. I would need to paint approx 15 doors and various other bts in white Matt gloss.

Home base were selling their own brand tine which would have done 5 doors for 18 quid..

where's the best place to buy the stuff in bulk...

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If you have a Johnstones near you they will do you a good deal.
False economy to buy cheap gloss unless you don't mind repainting it every year once it's gone yellow

After 12 years and about 10 repaints after each coat going yellow, I finally discovered this

5 years on and still as brilliant white as the day I first applied it.
Isn't matt gloss an oxymoron? Although having written that, the Johnstones gloss above has less of a sheen than oil based gloss. Dries in half an hour though with no odour.
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I can recommend fitting Kota pre-finished skirting and architrave instead of all the painting. If you buy a lot online, it's not much more than standard skirting etc. and saves on all the painting so probably pays for itself. The finish is something between Matt and satin, looks very nice.
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Matt gloss? You've lost me on that one and i have painted many many doors
If you've a B&M shop near you, they've had good deals on Johnstone's paint recently. I used it recently and found it very good.…r=1
You can buy from dulux or Johnson’s trade if there’s one by you, it’s better stuff than the shop tins,the dulux trade(or armsted their cheaper brand high gloss is the only thing I ever use and you can buy it in large tins. It’s more expensive that the normal stuff in bnq but is much thicker and gives good coverage.
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Thanks guys
Has nobody here heard of Caparol. Tikkurila. Benjamin Moore. And the other far superior paints. Dulux trade runs like mo farah. Johnos can yellow sometimes so I gave up on it. Think it's something to do with being a hybrid paint.. Maybe? Lower end budget stuff is terrible.
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Have you considered Satinwood instead of gloss, it has a nice soft sheen to it but not to the point of in your face gloss and it's easy to wipe clean too.

Goes on great and lasts well too. I have used this throughout my house and never regretted it. You don't get the yellowing effect which most white gloss gives you now (unless you're a smoker).
Will try this as well..thanks .. we don't smoke so it should be fine
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