Posted 24th Jan 2023 (Posted 15 h, 47 m ago)
As the title says really, need about 40 lengths so wondering the best place to get these from? I’ve seen wickes do 3m lengths for £5 (£4.50 with trade discount) and will deliver for free.

Last time I bought cls it was about £1.80 a go!
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    CLS has jumped considerably, I also remember when it was a couple of pounds. What I will say is Wickes (and other DIY shops) seem to have probably a third of 'wonky' wood in their stock. When I've gone to get some lengths I've had to pick through to get the best ones. If you're having them delivered you don't have the same choice. You can also see it in some of the online reviews, a fair few people saying that some of the delivered items are unusable.

    I'd try and find a local timber merchant who will actually give you wood you can use, probably at a cheaper price too.
    Agree with what you’re saying.
    If buying from a diy chain always go in and select the wood as some of it isn’t fit for purpose.
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    Local all the way, where abouts are you based? Saying that Travis Perkins, Stamco and buildbase are pretty good but the days of bulk discounts are gone it's not in their interest to sell cheap.
    I’m in Newcastle, I’ll do some googling for some local places as opposed to the diy chains as these are for a stud wall, and wonky wood isn’t going to go well unless I’m creating a sphere room! . I think there’s a tp close by, I could have a look at them too. Thanks!
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    Timber merchant. Self select from covered stock for quick delivery and even quicker build (before twists develop).