Best place for a DAB radio with remote control

Found 30th Nov 2009
Where's the best place for a DAB radio that has a remote control.

The cheapest one I can find is Technika CR-109IDAB DAB from Tesco for £39.99[1]. However, it's a bit cheap looking, and I am not sure if the remote actually controls the radio (the description implies it is just the dock). I am also not sure about the sound quality.

The next one I can find is Bush DAB Radio with iPod Dock from Argos[2], but at £69.99 its a bit too expensive.

Surely there must be a good quality DAB radio with remote control for around £39-£49. It does NOT have to have Ipod functionality, just as long as it has a remote and isn't refurbished.

[1] direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx
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[1]]Technika CR-109IDAB DAB & iPod Dock Clock Radio

[2]]Bush DAB Radio with iPod Dock.

made your links clickable :thumbsup:

sort of thing im after as well, but i'd like the facility to be able to record a programme & alarm clock, but to be honest, ive already got a DAB radio & the sound quailty sometimes isnt that great & i have to switch to FM to get a better reception :thinking:
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