Best place for a DSi at the moment? with old style DS to trade?

    My son wants to spend his birthday money on Monday and upgrade his current old silver DS for a DSi. The prices seem to have dropped a bit in Toyrus etc but not in Game where he was told he would get £30 trade in on the old one.

    What do you think is the best place to go to get a good deal, ideally he would also like a copy of professor Layton too.


    If it's a DS Lite, sell it on here or Ebay.

    You'll make £50 at least with no trouble normally.

    Or I can give you £30 for it? lol

    Is the £30 trade in for a ds lite? As cex pays £51 cash.

    The cheapest place online for a dsi is Asda at £127.


    I think game are still doing the trade in thingy…co/

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    Its not a DS lite thats why he wants a DSi, if he had a lite I don't think he would bother to upgrade. I think we will take a trip to Game on Monday and see what they can do.
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