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Found 31st Dec 2009
I need a new battery for my Acer Aspire 5610 as it is saying Fully charged 100% consider replacing your battery.

I am using windows 7 so don't know if it is a driver issue or if it does need replacing.

Battery is nearly 3 years old.
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If it's fully charged, what's the problem? I'd say more likely a W7 issue tbh. Check the acer website to see if theres a W7 version of eManagement software available. If the battery is knacked then acer direct is probably your best option as 'grey' batteries are often a bit suspect in the quality department.
Checked already and nothing for Windows 7 at all.
3 yrs is quite a long time - batteries, dependent on numerous factors, degrade over time so it may well be neeeding replacement, what are the sypmtoms/problems you are having? does it lose its charge very quickly presumably?
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