Best Place For A Vodafone Nokia 6300

    Where is the best / cheapest place to get a Nokia 6300 locked to Vodafone from plez

    Best I can find is at £69.99 + 4% quidco

    then Carephone Warehouse at £69.95 + £10 airtime and £5 quidco

    which is the same as Dial-A-Phone


    thy ]here

    maybe a well know auction site. i think vodafone put the returns one on there. there new phones but just returned in the 14 day period. u still get all the relevant guarantees warrenty etc

    Best price currently is on Tesco mobile 59.97 (inc free delivery)
    see here…spx

    i heard Tesco use the Vodafone network, but don't quote me on that

    no, Tesco use the O2 network. When they (tesco) started as a virtual network operator you could use O2 SIM cards in Tesco mobiles, but no anymore. Now Tesco locked phones only accept Tesco SIM card. It works ok the other way though, i.e. O2 locked phones also takes the Tesco SIM. If you look hard enough you can probably get it unlocked for a tenner, which means for the same price you would pay for a locked voda you now get a brand new unlocked 6300 (better deal in my book).

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your help folks!

    Just ordered the one off…tml
    for £62.19 using the 'CREST081' voucher and 4% quidco
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