Best place for a wireless keyboard with touchpad/trackball?

Found 4th Jan 2010
As in title really am looking for a wireless keyboard with a trackball and they are all much more expensive than I was expecting. Had a search around and can't find any for less than £35.00. Anyone any ideas?
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Are you after a full-size one, or jsut something to control a media centre? If it's the latter, then Maplin do a really small wireless keyboard (a bit like a blackberry's) with a touchpad on it for around £39 I think, if that's an acceptable alternative to a trackball?
full size one really, just been having a look and for less than £30.00 the following three seem to be the best I've come across if they're of any use to anyone else

ebuyer.com/pro…377 - £30.00 inc postage

amazon.co.uk/dp/…asn - £28.00 delivered

amazon.co.uk/Key…1-4 - Can be had for £32.00 on fleabay
I got one of those Keysonic ones for my PC and its great
Good to hear! I opted for the keysonic one with trackball, I've barely read a bad review so fingers crossed it will do the job
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