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Posted 12th Dec 2017
Should I go back to where I bought it from (Beaverbrooks) or direct to Omega store or is another high end watch retailer better for service? It’s two years old and the battery warning tick has started...

What kind of price is normal for a service?

The bezel has a scratch on it too (seamaster model so just the blue bit where the numbers are rather than the metal) so was wondering if it is very expensive to have these replaced?
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if you use an official omega service it will not be cheap had to get a face replaced on my sea-master was about £320 through an omega store about 5 years ago
I have been looking for a repair place for my dads old Omega mechanical watch. I’ve found one in Glasgow I am going to give a try that has good reviews. From my research I see a lot of these places such as Watches of Switzerland send them away and then take their cut so it can be pretty expensive. Not much help but you could try and find somewhere local(ish) to where you live who can offer the service in house that have a good reputation and experience of Omega watches of course.
Had a battery replaced and pressure sealed by The Watch Lab on my Ladies Omega Seamaster last year costing £125.00. They are authorised repairers by Omega, but instore they will give you the option to send it off to Omega for servicing.
I suspected it would be around £100-150 for a service. I’d rather pay for it to be done properly given how much it cost and I do a lot of scuba diving so needs to be properly sealed and pressure tested even though I only wear it sometimes along my dive computers.

I probably won’t get the bezel replaced - maybe next time round when I’ve scratched it up some more haha. I can’t complain - I wear it every day rather than for special occasions.
I've got a scratch on the blue bezel as well, decided not to replace it as it's my every day watch and will only get scratched again.
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If u go on the omega site it will list all the official service places in the country. Wouldn’t get it done at an unauthorised centre.
Yeah I wouldn’t go somewhere unauthorised. I’d want a proper service. But wondered if there was a difference between the different reputable places...
The watch lab does the servicing/repairs in a booth with the window at the front of the store, so you can watch what they do if you want. Left my watch there and went back about 45 mins later.
The thing is with buying high end watch ,repairs ain’t cheap
ashmac58 m ago

The thing is with buying high end watch ,repairs ain’t cheap

Yep no issues with it costing cash - want to have it done properly. Just wanted an idea of what to expect price wise and whether any particular authorised service place was better that another. Ie to avoid “oh you paid £350 at beaverbrooks..yeah they are a rip and so are an authorised centre and charge £250 for exactly the same”
If you don't want to go to Omega you can use a qualified horologist. There is an accredited register here…al/ I used one for my Tag service and they simply buy the genuine parts from Tag and conduct the service and repairs themselves. Mine was about 30% cheaper than going to Tag and I was very pleased with the service.
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