Best place for buying cardboard boxes, anyone know?

    Seem so expensive, looked around and can see large ones for around £2, anyone know of any more reasonable places?

    Would need around 50 large but would get 100 if price was reduced further.

    Thanks for any help


    Ask at Tesco as they might give you some for free?

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    £1.76 each for an order of 100

    I think an actual size other than large maybe helpful for starters.

    Ebay, supermarkets.
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    yep got all our moving house boxes of ebay - cheapest place - may even get some used ones for less


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    Thanks sickly

    Greg, just need them to be largish, not fussed on exact size.

    Just asking to see if anyone has used anyone online and found them to be reasonably priced.

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    ebay.. haven't checked there, thanks.

    FP that looks good, thanks for input

    When we last moved house we looked in our local Thomson Directory & found an outlet (a logistics Company) in a business park that sold us 100 unfolded boxes (for holding vegetable oil tins if I remember rightly) for a couple of pence each. They were at least 12-inches by 12-inches by 12-inches as I stood some of my vinyl albums & singles in them (as you are hard pushed to find dedicated carrying cases [for a reasonable price] these days; I already had 13 x 50 capacity carriers & had run out of space to re-pack all my collection in order to move home).

    (PS. I have bought 12-inch, 7-inch, & CD album/single mailer envelopes from a seller on eBay in the past though)


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    banana boxes from your local supermarket. Free, very strong and come with lids.

    when moving only a month ago we asked around various places if they had any delivery boxes left over, we got loads mainly from the local co-op, and some from local corner shops.
    Another option would be staples?

    Our local Iceland always has a wire cage at the back of their store in which they put all their used boxes and are quite happy for people to help themselves. I always use lots of brown tape on the folds just to make sure they are secure.
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